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National Road Safety Month workshop at VVDN’s Global Innovation Park led by ACP Dhaarna Yadav

Feb 02, 2021
National Road Safety Month workshop at VVDN’s Global Innovation Park led by ACP Dhaarna Yadav

Manesar, India, Feb. 2, 2021 | Under the aegis of the Ministry of Transport and Highways, Govt of India, “National Road Safety Month” is being observed from 17th January to 18th February 2021. Under the National Road Safety Month 2021, VVDN Technologies hosted ACP Dhaarna Yadav (District Transport Officer) at the corporate office, Global Innovation Park, Manesar, for a workshop on the importance and the need of Traffic rules and Road safety on Tuesday, February 2nd. ACP Dhaarna Yadav, who has also fought crime against women and children since 2011 when she was posted in Faridabad, in the last 3 months has tirelessly worked towards road safety and the need for further improvement in Manesar and Gurugram districts. 

ACP Yadav spoke about the importance of Traffic rules and safety. She stressed on the importance of wearing a helmet, following road safety guidelines, traffic lights, and the perils of drinking and driving. She went on to talk about how negligence of Road safety norms and traffic rules could lead to disability and even death, and the impact on one's family post a traumatic incident. 

After her speech, ACP Yadav and her team presented 500+ T-Shirts with Road safety messages to the employees of VVDN. ACP Yadav then went to visit VVDN’s product Demo Center and explored various products designed and manufactured by VVDN Technologies. While ACP Yadav appreciated all the products, it was the GPS trackers and Fleet Management System that pairs cutting-edge artificial intelligence with real-time monitoring to create a safe driving system, which really caught her eye.

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